About Us

SEHT Engenharia specializes in developing industrial, commercial and residential projects, while providing other essential services such as regularization, renovations, technical support, construction management, technical advice, feasibility study, among others.

We do all the planning and coordination of the stages of the project, controlling each step so that its execution is perfectly accomplished. Always seeking to combine technology and architectural concept to make our works unite the maximum aesthetic value in the building, not forgetting the efficiency in the use of financial, natural, physical and human resources.

SEHT Engenharia always offers intelligent architectural solutions, allied to the best cost-benefit. In addition to the technical drawings in 2D, we use 3D digital mockups to present our projects, thus providing our clients with a preview and understanding of how the work will be completed. For us the prerequisite for a work to be successful is the full satisfaction of the client, always aiming to align their expectations with what will be delivered.