Within all projects already carried out by Seht Engenharia there are from residential projects to pavilions for companies. We seek to vary our portfolio and our projects to better serve all our clients.

Accomplished Projects

Residential projects

Some projects of houses, sites, loft. We always work with a focus on producing something different and unique, that comes closest to the client's desire.

Commercial store projects

We also work with store designs, be they commercial rooms, set of shops, shopping malls, exclusive business point, seeking visibility, innovative design and accessibility.

Projects of pavilions and corporate headquarters

Large companies need a dedicated space exclusively for their segment, planned for their day to day, both to facilitate mobility within the company, and to streamline internal processes.

We have experience and know-how to serve the most diverse segments.

Comparative project x completed work

Here is a small demonstration of what we commit ourselves to deliver, we always work so that the final project and the completed work are identical, thus bringing credibility to our clients, who can rest assured that they will receive what was hired.

Below we have some images of the most important projects made up to this day, also some of which we have already delivered both the project and the building.

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Gallery of images

from our latest projects